10 Creative DIY Ways To Reuse Plastic Bottles

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December 13, 2017
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10 Creative DIY Ways To Reuse Plastic Bottles

Reuse Plastic Bottles

The quantity of plastics you find in our surroundings today is enormous. Gutters, rivers, ditches are a dump ground for plastic bottles. We all know the effects on our environment and our health.

We can solve this problem by reducing the use of plastic bottles, reusing it or recycling it.

I have selected some do-it-yourself (DIY) projects from various sites online on how you can reuse or recycle plastic bottles. If you are a smart entrepreneur, you can use these free ideas to make some cash for yourself. It can also be used to teach children at home or school. Children are our future and they need to know how to protect the environment.

Most beverages in plastic bottles are made of PET plastic. The material is fairly useful hence can be used to give them a second live.

Below are 10 creative ways you can reuse or recycle plastics at home or school.

  1. Home Garden

    PET plastics can be used to make a home garden. I was searching around the Internet and saw this beautiful home vertical garden which doesn’t only look like a decoration but serves as a means of cultivating your own vegetables for home use.

    Source: Colossal

  2. Stands for Jewelry

    Do you have a jewelry shop? Do you need a jewelry stand for your jewels? You don’t need to go far or spend some hard earned cash to buy one. Just be creative and make time with your children at home by creating a jewelry stand using PET plastic. It is not only artistic and beautiful, but helps keep our environment safe. Imagine a jewelry shop with such a beautiful jewelry stand.

    You can get a step-by-step demonstration from the source EPBOT.

  3. Watering Can

    If you have a home garden and need a watering can, then a PET plastic bottle can help you save some cash. Get an empty laundry detergent container, punch some holes in the cover and there you go…a new watering can. I got this from a childhood list.

  4. Trash Can

    This one may be a little time consuming and need some skills, though it’s worth trying. We are talking here about making use of garbage we would have thrown. We can also use it to make something to contain the garbage at home. This one touched me a lot because many homes my city, Douala, could barely afford a good trash can. They use old buckets (which is still good but small), or bags and so on. Gather those PET bottles you buy daily and give them new life.

    Check out how to make a trash can from plastic bottles on Instructables. This can also be used as a school recycle or arts project and the kids will be happy having a trash can made by them in their class.

  5. Homemade Sprinkler

    For those who have a green court in their yard. We have flower gardens and green spaces that are rarely taken care of in Africa. A water sprinkler maybe expensive for some households but here is a simpler method of making your own water sprinkler with very little effort. Your children will be happy with you if you do this together. It’s some fun playing with trash as well as building their creativity. Checkout how to make a sprinkler with a PET plastic bottle.

  6. Plastic Boat

    Thought of a plastic boat for a play-ground or tourism? I fell into this project by Ismaäl Essome, a Cameroonian entrepreneur who manufactures canoes by recycling plastic bottles in a bid to protect the environment. You can check his exploits here.

  7. Plastic Bottle Caps Curtain

    I fell on this plastic bottle caps curtain and it brought back some memories of beer cover curtain that was popular in Cameroon some years back. Check out the steps involved in making a plastic bottle caps curtain.

  8. Fence Made from Plastic Bottles

    This one got me going crazy. This is something worth doing at your home, business, etc. I just got ideas flowing in my mind when I saw this. Creating a fence with plastic bottles will not only attract people, but may bring you some income if you do it where tourists visit – think of you having a guest house, a bar, a coffee shop with a fence made of plastics. I can’t tell how it is done, but it’s such a wonderful idea.

  9. Plastic Bottle Lamp Shade

    The transparent nature of plastic bottles can be used in lighting. Checkout this DIY bouquet lamp shade that is made of 100% plastic bottles.

  10. Christmas Tree

    PET Plastic Christmas TreeNeed a creative idea for a Christmas tree for your kids or class? A sprite plastic bottle will be just what you need to come out with this amazing DIY PET bottle Christmas tree.

If you try one of these projects once in a while, you will be amazed how small activities like this will save you some money and time as well as save our environment from peril. You can take it a duty to carry out at least one project a month or when the need arises. This could be done with your children or in school with kids if you are a teacher. Let’s safe our planet from waste.

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