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Garbage Inspector

Derick Sullivan M Lobga – Founder

The Garbage Inspector Project is all about helping households in Africa manage home garbage. The project will provide them with tips on how to reduce, reuse and recycle home garbage.

Africa has a great problem in garbage management. Many big cities in Africa, for instance, my home city, Douala, is facing a big problem with garbage management with all the blame going to the local council and the garbage management company. What people ignore is the role they play in increasing this problem.

The main aim of this project is to bring together citizens to play their civic role – to be a solution to the problem and not part of the problem.

We have partnered with a group of artists that will help educate people on how to reuse home waste in creative ways. We will also be giving tips on how waste can be reduced in homes.

Each month, we plan to offer to our audience some projects on recycling and/or reusable materials. We may not be able to achieve this goal every month, but we will make sure we do our best.

We all know there is ‘gold in garbage’. We also plan to encourage entrepreneurs to go into garbage management as a business. In this case, we will be carrying out research on successful garbage management projects all over the world that can be adapted to Africa. This will help tickle the minds of young entrepreneurs to engage in such projects to help keep the planet clean as well as earn some money for themselves.


In addition to our global vision, we will also be running a project on putting to use old computer hardware that we have parked in our homes because they are no longer up-to-date with modern technology. Many people don’t know that they can still put this machines into use or donate them to others who may need them.

Our aim is to plead with people who don’t need these old hardware to donate them to us so we can install lightweight operating systems on them. We will in turn offer these computers to homes that don’t have computers or schools in rural areas in Cameroon who are cut off from the world of information and communication technology.

Computers of More than 10 Years can still be given Life. We intend to install these machines (as from Pentium III) with lightweight Linux distributions. Linux has more than 300 distributions and some of them are developed to take care of old hardware where Microsoft Windows has failed.

Many people use Windows and since it tends to be slower on these computer, they are abandoned. They don’t know that it just needs to be tuned up. This can be done better with Linux distros that have been made to bring back life to old hardware.

Our goal is to refurbish these computers and then give to those who can’t afford to get new ones. More than three-quarter of the population of Cameroon do not own a computer. People have to move to cybers to use or share one. This situation is worse in rural areas where they have to trek for very long distances in other to work on a computer. Some families have to share one computer alongside their kids. There are many schools that do not have or have limited computer access. These refurbished machines could be very useful for them even though it is not new.

If you are interested in starting your own project, you can can get in touch with us or share your idea with us so we can publish on this blog. Meanwhile if you need help in starting a garbage management project, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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