Month: January 2018

Recycle Project: Solar-powered ‘Repurpose Schoolbags’ Made from 100% Recycled Plastics

4 total views, 0 views today Brief: Repurpose Schoolbags is bag made out of upcycled plastic bags with a solar technology integrated into it in other to allow learners study at night. One of our goals is to search for garbage management projects around the world and present it to our audience. Green projects that work elsewhere can be innovated to work in other places. Read Also: Entrepreneur Manufactures Canoes With Plastic Bottles This is also an advantage for entrepreneurs to see if they can take the opportunity and innovate the projects to suit their environment. A school bag is a...

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10 Creative DIY Ways To Reuse Plastic Bottles

5 total views, 0 views today The quantity of plastics you find in our surroundings today is enormous. Gutters, rivers, ditches are a dump ground for plastic bottles. We all know the effects on our environment and our health. We can solve this problem by reducing the use of plastic bottles, reusing it or recycling it. I have selected some do-it-yourself (DIY) projects from various sites online on how you can reuse or recycle plastic bottles. If you are a smart entrepreneur, you can use these free ideas to make some cash for yourself. It can also be used to teach...

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