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Bring Back Your Old Computer Hardware to Use

When I thought about starting a home garbage management blog, first thing I thought of was “what am I going to specialize on” given that garbage management is quite broad? It’s then that I thought I should put my computer maintenance skills as well as my dream of “how I can help Linux or Open Source Initiative” given that I am not a programmer nor developer?

I stopped doing computer maintenance for pay in 2007. I started offering my services as a volunteer to friends, families and customers who had previously enjoyed my services.

Going back to Linux, I have been using it continuously (Ubuntu, Linux Mint KDE & Bodhi Linux) for the past 8 years and just love its community-oriented nature. I usually ask myself what I can do to promote the community of GNU/Linux.

In August 2017, I offered free internship to kids who just graduated from primary school. Most of what we did including basic is in programming using Scratch and web development was introduction to Linux based operating systems. I made them to discover Ubuntu, Bodhi Linux and Linux Mint KDE environment. It was an amazing time we had as some of them discovered that it was really fast in booting when compared with the Windows machines they have at home.

After this successful internship, I now thought of how an illiterate today is not one who cannot read or write but one who cannot use a computer and other digital devices. This reality dawned on me and then I started thinking of the many families who could not afford a computer, the school kids in some rural areas who have never seen nor touched a computer and so on.

Revitalizing Old Computer Hardware Using Linux

Here is where my thinking cap started working. Many people have old computers in their homes and they don’t even know how to discard or make use of them. This is because most of the machines had Windows as OS and so it was really too slow for them to use especially with the incompatibility with new Windows OS.

Linux has more than 300 distributions and some of them are developed to take care of old hardware where Microsoft Windows has failed.

Okay, it’s now time for me to go to work. Ask people to donate their old hardware or call us to bring back life to them if they still need it so we can install these Linux distros that are efficient on old hardware.

We have taken off with activities and are counting on your support and donations to carry out our plans for 1-PC-A-Home. Be part of us. For any question, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

If you have these old hardware or you are in the IT industry, you understand that there are some people out there that will gladly take your discarded old computer, refurbish with an efficient Linux Distro and reuse. Using Linux will be wonderful. They have been giving to me for free for more than 8 years now. You can also get it for free or trial.

Do you wish to try out any of the Linux Distributions? Tell us your needs and we will advise you on which distro to use. If you are not far from us, we can do the installation for you.

If you are keeping one of those old computer in your garage, store room or basement, don’t hesitate to call us if you wish to donate or put new life into it and reuse. Get in touch with us through Email or call / WhatsApp us on +237 699 421 947.

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